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        2. Shows In A Box

          Jaw-Dropping Event Entertainment

          Corporate Entertainment Ideas
          Event Entertainment Planning
          Event Production
          Show Musicals
          Gentleman’s Clubs
          Variety Entertainment
          Seasonal Entertainment

          Discover the Difference with Shows In A Box!

          GET READY to have the world of entertainment at your fingertips!? Our entertainment solutions bring the “WOW” factor to your next company event.? We will arrive at your venue, transform your space and create an outstanding entertainment experience.

          At Shows in a Box, we’ve taken care of all of the details for you – and more!

          SHOWS IN A BOX ?has hand selected an experienced team of entertainers, artists, and technicians to make your next corporate event, meeting, trade show or product launch a thrilling success! David Thomas and his “Shows In A Box” team will bring everything to your door – top quality stage sets, exquisite costumes, original musical scores, Broadway – ?quality dancers, singers and musicians.

          Our event entertainment solutions can integrate seamlessly with your awards presentation, corporate function, conference or convention.?Contact us?today to start your event planning process and see how easy it can be.