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        2. Effective Marketing With Promotional Products

          Every business, big and small, needs to market its brand in order to learn how to create brand identity. The more easily your brand is recognized and associated with the products or services you offer, the more often customers will choose it.

          There are many marketing techniques for your business to consider. These include traditional advertising techniques, creating an online presence and of course, promotional products. Interestingly, while most brands spend long periods discussing and finalizing marketing campaigns, they often oversee the usefulness of promotional products.

          Understanding the Value of Promotional Products

          Promotional products market your brand for a much longer period of time than any other marketing technique. And most importantly, the products have direct contact with existing or prospective customers. An electronic or print advertisement may be seen or read, and the impact is usually for a short period of time. In contrast, statistics indicates that people love receiving promotional products. In fact six out of ten people who receive such products are likely to use them for up to two years.

          What do People Value?

          A survey revealed than eight out of ten people have at least one to ten promotional products that they use. 53% of this group use at least one such product every week. These statistics indicate that people not only like receiving promotional products but keep them around and use them. Thus they are exposed to the brand logo frequently. And are likely to think of the business more often that they would have had they not received the promotional product. A stunning 89% people remember the brands they received promotional gifts from.

          A majority of people who receive promotional products say that they are likely to keep the ones that are of use to them. Thus, when choosing a promotional gift, utility is the most important factor. While writing instruments have lowest cost per impression, people also like to receive bags. It is found that bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product that a business may consider.

          Tips on Choosing Promotional Products

          While clothing, writing instruments and bags top the list of promotional products that Americans love, caps, calendars and key chains are also excellent alternatives. Promotional gifts should be chosen based on the budget set for the promotional products, and the demographic profile of the target audience. The products must be customized to sport the brand name and logo. It must use the colors that are significant to the brand identity.